Guide To London Places For College Students

For any college student, visiting London is such a huge opportunity and pleasure. Everyone would love to see London. You can go to London for pleasure, business, or education purposes. No matter what the reason for your visit to this wonderful place, it is best that you have a guide on which areas in London are perfect for college students to visit. This way, you can fully enjoy your visit to this place and take the pleasure of the chance of landing in one of the most beautiful places around the world.

Places in London Perfect for College Students

1. The British Museum (Blumsberry London, United Kingdom)
This is a good place to start for a college student who is visiting London because it has eight million permanent collection works that are considered as the largest prevailing at present. It was established in the year 1753, and it has ownership of some items that belong to other countries, making them trustworthy keepers.
2. The Natural History Museum
Visiting a scientific institution is a huge opportunity for college students. You will see some of the national history collections, including plants, animals, ecosystems, and many more.
3. The Tower of London
This is located at the north bank of the River Thames in Central London. This castle is the official Royal’s Palace of her majesty. It was built in the year 1078 by William the Conqueror.
4. Buckingham Palace (City of Westminster)
This is originally called Buckingham House and was built by the Duke of Buckingham in the year 1703. This is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch of the United Kingdom. It is where state occasions are held. Students and other tourists who visit this place are in awe because of the phenomenal architecture that the place possesses.
5. Westminster Abbey
This is considered as one of the notable religious buildings in London, where traditional coronation and burials take place for the monarchs. The infrastructure is the work of a master, and any college student would not want to miss visiting this place because of its rich history.
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