The London Eye

On the bank of the River Thames, stands one of the worlds tallest ferries wheels and the best view of London. Standing at 135meters, the London Eye is no ordinary ferris wheel, its the largest in Europe! With thirty two (one for each of London’s Boroughs) sealed, air-conditioned capsules you won’t be locked in to seat here, rather you are free to move about the cabin and experience the breathtaking views in excess of twenty five miles, from all angles.

On the south-side of the River Thames, near Westminster Bridge, the London Eye is in a fantastic location, easily reached by tube, walking or by ferry, you can’t miss it. The Eye is designed to continually move, it takes about half an hour to complete a revolution, at a speed that makes it easy to simply step on and off at ground level. It can, and does, stop for disabled passengers and the elderly so they can safely disembark, but typically this seamless movement actually calms the nerves (no sudden stops) and makes for a gentle rise to the stop. The views stretch for miles, and the capsules mean you can enjoy the view from all directions, making this a true 360degree experience.

Opened in 2000, the London Eye has proved popular with locals and tourists alike, over thirty million people have stepped into its capsules and enjoyed the unprecedented views. Unless you’re willing to pay nearly £500 you will have to share the capsule with up to twenty five others, but there is plenty of room to move around and places to sit down if you like.

Because of its popularity, queues are very common and its advised that you buy your tickets in advance online. The operators actually have implemented a discount of 10% to encourage people to buy online. There are many ticket options and prices, from the standard ticket at £16.74 (online) for those over 16, to a ‘Flexi Fast Track’ ticket at £31.05 (online). The flexi tickets mean you don’t have to chose a specific time for your visit, for the ‘Flexi Fast Track’ you can arrive anytime, by pass the majority of the queue, collect your tickets and ride the Eye. A standard ‘flexi ticket’ will give you a wider time window to arrive and start your ride. Other options include a ‘Fast-Track’ (£25.65) which means you can by-pass the queue and arrive a mere fifteen minutes before your allotted time! If you have a standard ticket, you must arrive a minimum of thirty minutes before your allocated time. It is very popular, and queues are always present. Special tickets to ride at sunset are available at certain times of the year, you can also combine your ticket with a river cruise or entrance to other attractions like Madame Tussauds. Children under 4 are free, discounted rates for children under 16 are available on the standard ticket but not others, and discounts are available for families of two adults and two children under 16.

The London Eye is open everyday, except Christmas Day and for maintenance in January. Opening at 10am, and closing at 8.30pm from September to March, 9pm April to June and 9.30pm for July and August. Please remember that in the UK, during the winter months, the light will begin fading about 4pm and it will be completely dark by 6pm.

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