London Weather

London Weather London has a temperate marine climate, it stay relatively mild and doesn’t go towards either extreme of hot or cold. That being said, it does get overcast or ‘a bit grey’ as the locals call it, and yes it probably will rain during your stay regardless of when you travel. London, however, is always at its best and is not defined by the weather you’ll always find something to do whatever the time of year. The biggest factor affecting when to visit it actually the number of daylight hours, as these vary considerably between the seasons.

During the summer you can expect temperatures in the mid 20sC, for a few days it may hit 30C but these are generally considered rare. Summer weather starts towards the end of May and lasts until mid September, making for a long sunny summer. Summer Rains do happen, so even if your visiting at the height of summer always bring an umbrella and a light rain coat – rainy summers do happen. The days are very long during summer, expect sunrise to be around 6am, but it can be light as early as 5am and it won’t even begin to be considered ‘dark’ until 11pm. London is in Northern Europe, the days get even longer the further north you travel in the country. Because of these long summer days, the temperature doesn’t fall that much over night. Heat-waves are rare, but when the do happen, temperature can be in excess of 30C during the day, and they won’t fall below 20C overnight. Because London is such an urban city, it can feel considerably warmer and more humid than it actually is in the most urbanised parts of the city. Also, the Tube is not built with heat in mind, and travelling on the underground during summer can be rather unpleasant. Some underground stations can have temperatures up to 40C, due to the large number of people and lack of ventilation, the packed trains can also get very hot and sticky too. Its advised to always carry a bottle of water with you on the tube so you don’t get heat-stroke or dehydrated.

The winters are, on average, rather mild. The urban density of London means it always warmer then nature intended in the city. That being said, it is still decidedly cool, on average the temperature is always below 10C but above freezing. Snow is very rare in London, when it does ‘settle’ you will find trains and buses disrupted and most Londoners will head to the parks to enjoy this rare occurrence. London does not cope all that well in the snow, so if it there is a major snowfall be prepared for disruption. The days are also very very short, sunrise will be around 8am and in the depths of winter can be closer to 9am, and it will be dark by 4pm. Clear skies during winter are also rare, and those ‘grey skies’ may become a fixture of your stay.

The best seasons to vist are generally considered the early Summer and the Autumn, the days are sitll long and the weather pleasant. Avoiding the very height of summer, July and August, will minimise the chances of experiencing a heat-wave and also this is when London is at its most busy making the queues even longer in the hot sun. May is considered to be a lovely time to visit, as is September, this also avoids London school-holidays meaning the major tourist attractions will be less busy. If its a winter wonderland you’re after, a white christmas is very rare in London, but christmas shopping in London is extremely popular and many people choose to visit during the winter to make the most of early Christmas sales and new year sales on offer.

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