Using the Tube and Oyster Card System

London has a fantastic transport system, that through the wonders of modern technology only requires one ticket. Even if you’re traveling to London from overseas, you can pre-order an Oyster Card, loaded with as much credit as you desire, to use as your access pass to London’s transport network. Just go to the Transport for London website , head to the Oyster section and under ‘visitors’ you can order your Oyster card and have it delivered to your home before you even leave for the airport. [Read more...]

There are plenty of options for getting around London, you don’t have to be confined to using the Tube to explore the city. The famous red double decker buses never left, it was a specific type, the Routemaster, that was phased out but Londoners are full of nostalgia and they’re making a comeback – albeit new and improved! There are also trains running above ground, called ‘The Overground, and a ‘Light Rail’ system which serves the East End and the old Docklands (Now the financial district) again rather obviously called ‘Docklands Light Rail’.