The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines the schedule of childhood vaccinations for physicians to administer to their patients. According to the CDC, vaccinations prevent disease and death, if taken according to their recommended schedule. However, some parents of children argue that the rates of autism have skyrocketed over the years due to the increase in the number of scheduled childhood vaccinations, as well as some of the ingredients in the vaccines themselves. These parents want safe options for their children and don’t believe that the CDC uses safe ingredients in the vaccines used to immunize children, or that vaccinations are a one size fits all solution. Vaccines were created by scientists. Some of those scientists are hired by the government and vaccine manufacturers. The government, pharmaceutical companies, and vaccine manufacturers want mass immunization for all children. They stand to lose a lot of money if parents stop vaccinating their children. For these reasons, parents must act for their children’s best interests and not allow the government to take away their right to choose what’s best for their children. The government itself acknowledges that statistics show the rate of Autism has risen to epidemic proportions but does not want to acknowledge that the vaccinations may be a possible cause.
In his article "Not a Matter of Parental Choice but of Social Obligation: Children Are Owed Measles Vaccination," Wall Street Journal writer Johan Bester argues that parents shouldn’t have the right to say what they want to say for their children but instead, the government should oversee all decisions no matter what. Bester maintains that "vaccinations should be considered as a matter of a societal moral obligation owed to children rather than a matter of individual or parental choice." In other words, according to Bester, parents should not be deciding what is best for their children; vaccinations have been keeping children healthy for a long time. Certainly, scientists should continue to make vaccines to help children become healthier, and the government should make decisions to protect those children. However, Bester’s reasoning for why parents shouldn’t make decisions for their children is flawed. With no exception, parents should be the ones making the decisions for their children.
Parents argue that vaccines and some of their ingredients could be detrimental to their children because their children may already have compromised immune systems. Their children could also have allergies to certain ingredients in the vaccines. Other Parents have religious beliefs that do not agree with vaccines. For example, Catholics do not believe in abortion and many vaccines use aborted fetus tissue/cells. If children are predisposed to having issues with the ingredients already then devastating effects can happen when administering the vaccines directly into the bloodstream. By mandating that all children have immunizations, the Vaccine Industry and CDC continue to remain relevant and gain a lot of money. The CDC also claims that vaccines are safe by falsifying studies showing that they are good, but never report the adverse reactions by the doctor’s that work for the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). In his article The Autism Epidemic, Vaccinations, and Mercury, author Rimland demonstrates that the vaccines have increased dramatically and have caused the rates of autism to skyrocket. He argues that "doctors who say that there is no increase, just greater awareness, think that parents are a bunch of fools" (Rimland 261-262). The author goes on to show that for most vaccinations, the CDC obtains all their money by covering up the truth with falsified data claiming that vaccinations are good (Rimland 263).
For example, the CDC’s National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases (NCIR) has claimed that the CDC has been hiding pieces of evidence in measle vaccinations along with autism and vaccines. In addition to scientists creating vaccinations, they have covered up all the problems so that the Vaccine Industries could say to parents that vaccinations for children have been proven to be safe (Mercola 54). For instance, because of a recent event occurring with incriminating data being eliminated and missing links showing vaccines are bad, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has shown how the CDC and FDA knew that vaccines were exposing children all over the world to mercury since 1999 all the way to 2019 (Mercola 55). Though no one hears about vaccinations being bad right away, federal health officials use a statistical trick that makes the numbers look good and reflect on what the CDC and FDA want the federal health officials to say but according to Kennedy, "thimerosal is 50% ethyl mercury, which is far more toxic and persistent in the brain than the highly regulated methylmercury in fish" (Mercola 56). Ultimately, studies shown by scientists demonstrate how thimerosal is a poison in the brain which is directly connected to neurological disorders which are in autistic children around the world (Mercola 57). In his book, 'Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak,' Mercola shows a lot of the false studies from the CDC, which they say do not exist (Mercola 58). In other words, federal health agencies are now being accused of hiding the truth about vaccine safety and important drug data which has ensured an unstable environment for the children’s benefits as well as the truth about what’s safe and what is not.
Another example of how the Vaccine Industry has covered up the truth behind vaccinations is the murder of Jennifer Jaynes, who is the author of Malice and other novels regarding the deception of the Vaccine Industry. Mike Adams, who wrote the article regarding Jennifer’s death stated that "an industry that murders and maims children for profit thinks nothing of killing whistleblowers and writers who get in their way. The vaccine industry has zero value for human life" (Adams 541). There have been over 75 doctors and educators who have also died under mysterious circumstances in the last three years because of their evidential facts about the vaccine industry harming children (Adams 542). As Dr. Daniel Winters, an anesthesiology specialist from the University of Rochester School of Medicine, noted in a recent report, if someone put an end to the CDC and the medical establishments that know vaccines are dangerous and that they kill children, the impact would be huge for everyone. To illustrate the truth about the CDC, Dr. Winters pointed out that Jennifer Jaynes had done further research and investigations on the cause of deaths regarding not only children but other people. In committing to the truth, Jaynes is aware of how much power the CDC has and how their money is more important than saving life. Jennifer Jaynes was shot twice to the head and yet they "deny this by calling it suicide" (Adams 543). The Vaccine Industry is threatening to harm and silence anyone who is suspicious of the individual deaths of people who have been brave enough to threaten the vaccine story which has been controlled by the executives along with the government.
Research on rates of Autism rising has shown that the number of vaccines has also risen every year. For example, studies show that the number of vaccinations has increased over time and so have the rates of Autism. In 1980 the Autism rate was one in ten thousand children and the recommended vaccines for children under the age of twenty-four months were only eight (Rutter 230). In 1990 the rate jumped to one in twenty-five hundred and the vaccines recommended rose to twenty-five (Rutter 231). Between 2000 and each year in this decade there was an annual increase and went from fifty to seventy vaccines (Rutter 232). The rate increased to one in every one-hundred and fifty children (Rutter 233). In 2010 one in every 68 children and in 2018 one in every 37 children (Rutter 234). Of note Autism rates are four times more prevalent in boys. A Naturopath explained that is because Mercury binds to Testosterone and the hormone estrogen is more of a repellent (Jared Skowron, N.D.). The immune system in children is not fully developed until between the ages of twelve to fourteen years old. Parents argue that vaccinating a child with an immature immune system overtaxes and burdens the system. One would think it is hard to dispute looking at the numbers, however, the CDC works very hard to bury the truth. Another issue is the use of live viruses in vaccines. Some immunizations have three to four vaccines in them and infants are typically receiving four multidose immunizations in one sitting. This equates to sometimes up to twelve vaccines at one time, and with live viruses that can shed, it is impossible for an already compromised immune system to have a chance to process all of that. As a result, many vaccine injuries are occurring. Brain encephalitis, seizures, hives, extremely high fevers, organ shut down, eczema, and many more. Inflammation occurs throughout the body. The brain and nervous system are large targets as the vaccines being injected directly into the bloodstream go here very quickly. Swelling on the brain can create a whole host of short- and long-term issues that affect the development, behavior, and language of children.
Similarly, studies clearly show that the government (CDC) is harming today’s society. According to an independent report, the similarities of mercury poisoning and autism symptoms are all the same due to the fact that mercury poisoning has caused: immune, sensory neurological, motor and behavioral dysfunctions along with unusual behaviors, social withdrawal, mental retardation, sensory disturbances and loss of speech (Austin 137). Other pieces of evidence that tie in with these results are that autism symptoms like mercury poisoning have caused: immune dysregulation, neurochemical irregularities, generalized/neural inflammation, gastro-intestinal distress and depleted levels of glutathione (Austin 138). There is also a confirmed amount of mercury in vaccinations. For example, David Austin mentioned that the "comparison of pre-and post-vaccination mercury levels showed a significant increase in both preterm and term infants after vaccination" (Austin 139). Furthermore, plenty of research documents have shown that there have been high levels of mercury in the bloodstream and urine of humans, as well as biomarkers of mercury after vaccinations. The blood levels of mercury being higher in children with autism than children without autism prove that mercury causes autism (Austin 140). Today, some parents are aware of mercury causing Autism. Parents will do their research and make what they feel is the right decision for their children.
In this increasingly confusing world, it is hard to find the truth. The CDC and Vaccine Industry is becoming more and more difficult to believe. Trying to take the decision-making abilities away from parents’ and relying on doctors and the government mandating vaccines, along with the Vaccine executives to be the world’s conscience doesn’t make good social, environmental, or economic sense. Contributors to a recent article called Why Parents Refuse Childhood Vaccination: A Qualitative Study Using Online Focus Groups, published by the BMC Public Health, agrees. A researcher named Francis Sporton maintained that "parents who refused vaccination made a well-considered decision based on an assessment of the benefits and the risks of vaccination, the child’s susceptibility to the potential disease, and the acceptance of responsibility for that decision" (Harmsen 3 et al.). The question is, has the Vaccine Industry been doing a good job keeping children safe? Freelance journalist of Child and Adolescent Behavior Alison Knopf from Boston, Massachusetts has a thoughtful and sensible answer to that question. She writes:
This year, there have been more than 700 measles cases in the United States, the highest number since the virus was eliminated almost 20 years ago. It is disappointing to see that the U.S. has lost so much ground in our efforts to prevent a childhood disease as significant and impactful as measles. (Knopf 1)
However, it is not reported often in mainstream media, who are controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry, that children vaccinated with live viruses, such as those receiving the live MMR vaccine are the ones that are spreading the virus, not the unvaccinated children. This is because live viruses can shed and be transmitted by vaccinated children through bodily fluids. These live viruses that shed can last in the vaccinated children for weeks to months later, without symptoms, and are easily transmitted to others, which can affect the lives and livelihoods of many children, parents, and people. For parents with children injured by vaccines, life has become overwhelming with the sheer magnitude of time and effort to care for their children, as well as the money to oversee their care. Parents should not be held back by the Vaccine Industry to make decisions for their children. Fortunately, there is one recourse for parents to bring their individual case to which is the U.S. Vaccine Injury Court if they have the financial means to do so. The Government has protected the Vaccine Manufacturer’s from being sued directly. An industry, which is regulated by the government, with mixed scientific results and questionable agendas, leaves more questions than answers for parents trying to make informed decisions for their children’s wellbeing; therefore, vaccines should be banned from this world forever.
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